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Sketchbook Post

Many times, when learning new software, I try to set a simple goal and focus so that I don’t drift from concept to concept, and get lost in a hodgepodge of snippet learning. It is always good to carry a concept through, even if it is simple. While learning Construct 3, I set out to create two as the most simple concept games as possible. Having said that, I do want to extend the gameplay and mechanics beyond that. So I chose a simple “smash ’em up” space-invaders style game and a “clicker”. What could be more simple than that? Well, maybe a 2-D platformer, but that was what everyone else is doing so, for now at least, I stayed away from that. So the goal is to learn the basic concepts of Construct’s builder and the visual programming methods. Since I am a huge endorser of “sketching” to visualize ideas, evolve concepts and document the ideation, below are a few pages from my UX Sketchbook. I will continually post outtakes from my sketchbook for instructional purposes.

Level explorations for
Sketches for UI,