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ITGM 710 Team Project


Project A is a conceptually-open team project. You are to conceive an interactive experience that directly addresses a “socially-related” problem. You should think openly. Do not necessarily restrict yourself to a simple “app”. It can be anything and can include any number of components:
+ mobile app
+ web app. site or system
+ physical device
+ geo-location
+ kiosk
+ service
+ or combination of any of the above

THEME: Should address a “Socially-Related” topic/problem (This is quite open-ended)

In this project, it is suggested that you use the following tools:
+ Miro (for research, notes, development, etc.)
+ Figma (for prototyping and user-testing)

This project is divided into 5 sections, that naturally mirror the Design Thinking workflow:

Formulate Teams: Wednesday 9/15/21

Pitch initial problem statements and concepts: DUE: Monday 9/20/21

1: EMPATHIZE (Research, Primary and Secondary)
—– Outline research matrix/plan: DUE: Monday 9/27/21
—– Present research results (to date, progress report): DUE: Monday 10/4/21

2: DEFINE (analyze data, gather key insights, How Might We Questions) DUE: Monday 10/11/21
—– Personas/Archetypes
—– Journey mapping
—– Empathy mapping
—– Stakeholder mapping
—– Rainbow charts
—– Insights (post-affinitization)
—– Data visualizations (survey results, etc)
—– How Might We Question(s)
*** Anytime I present a list like above, they are simply “possibilities”. Your list will be dependent on your team and the scope of your project.

3: IDEATION (5 E’s. sketches, formalize concepts) DUE: Monday 10/18/21
—– 5 Es matrix
—– Sketches
—– Site mapping (IA)
—– Mood boards

4: PROTOTYPE (med-fi wireframes, protoypes, hi-fi mock-ups, branding and image) DUE: Monday 10/25/21
—– Wireframes
—– Identity boards (fonts, color palette, usage, etc)
—– Functioning protoype (med-fi to hi-fi)
—– Hi-Fi mock-ups

5: TEST (user-testing and reporting) DUE: Monday 11/1/21
—– Functioning hi-fi protoype (w transitions and interactions)
—– Testing results and report (for moving forward)

Final Presentation Preparation and Deliverables:
+ Poster (hi-res 18″ x 24″ PDF)
+ Process Book (hi-res PDF)
+ UX Narrative Video (2-3 min) (1920 x 1080 MP4)

Assessment and Grading

A) [25%] Research Phase

B) [25%] Define and Ideation Phase

B) [25%] Prototyping and Testing Phase

C) [50%] Final presentation deliverables: Video, Poster, Process Book