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Digital Marketing Services for the Local Businesses of Effingham County and Pooler

Web Design + Hosting | Email | Branding | Marketing | Social Media | Graphic Design

As a new resident of Effingham county, I want to offer the local businesses all of the services that they can get in Savannah or Atlanta at a fraction of the costs. I am local and only interested in catering to local businesses in the Effingham county and Pooler areas. I have worked at Fortune 500 companies and small design+technology studios, so I know the ropes. I will use my expertise to help your business succeed.

Call me (David Meyers) on my personal cell phone for more information 270-577-2715

Or see my LinkedIn profile here.


Your website needs to be uniquely you.  We collaborate to ensure that your website has your individual mark and represents you in the digital sphere.  Both the look, feel, and presentation need to be on-target and appropriate for your prospective clients. NetTemple specializes in making your website look and work well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.


Do you currently have a product or service that you sell in a brick-and-mortar setting?  It’s time to expand your reach and take it online. NetTemple specializes in migrating your products and service sales online. We offer maintenance options to serve your site and training if you wish to manage it yourself. This is the next logical step for small-town businesses that eliminate geographical limitations.


At NetTemple, we have our own virtual servers so we control the Web hosting. We don’t outsource to the GoDaddys and BlueHosts of the world. This gives us tremendous power, speed, security, and flexibility, over what can be done with your web needs.


Most social media is freely accessible and available for extending and exposing your brand. NetTemple offers Facebook, TicToc, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest set up and maintenance. WE can support your business with maintenance or train you to become a social media master.


Your email list could be your business’s most valuable asset. Nettemple helps you build an email list and create interval campaigns to promote your products and services.


If you are an entrepreneur, business, or individual maker, online selling platforms opportunities exist that are easy to start and get going. We can help you set up an Etsy or Shopify store and train you on the best practices of having an online store.


Your logo and branding are your company’s “first impression”.  They have to communicate in an instant to your clients.  Your brand is what connects you to like-minded people and businesses.  NetTemple will not only design an effective logo but assist you in your overall branding efforts.