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Session 01: Introduction and Overview
In this session, we will cover: What is Construct 3? Why is it suited for UX prototyping? Who makes Construct 3 and is there support?
Session 02: Exploring the Construct 3 Environment
In this session we will cover: + The overall Construct 3 UI + The Properties panel + The Assets Library panel + The Layouts panel + The Menu and Controls top bar + Additional panels that you can access
Session 03: Understanding the Basic Structure of Interactivity
In this session we will cover: + What are Objects + What are Sprites and the two basic types + How to layout a basic mobile app screen(s) + How Objects get instructions from the Event Sheet(s) + How to to add interactions using Events and Actions
Session 04: Fundamentals of Event Sheets
Session 05: Event Sheets In Depth
In this session, we will cover: + Keeping your event sheets organized + Understanding how Events monitor and control Object properties + Learn that when Behaviors are added, these Behaviors can be controlled with Events and Actions
Dynamic UX Prototyping with Construct 3
    About Lesson

    In this lesson, we will tour the user interface and understand the purpose of each area and panel.