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Bull Bros (Bulls In A China Shop)

Bull Bros (Bulls in a China Shop & Holiday Stampede) is a hyper-casual smash ’em up game. Release some steam and unwind while bashing everything in your path with near unlimited level configurations and endless destruction.

  • Title: Bull Bros (Bulls In A China Shop)
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Release Date: Late, 2019
  • Developer: NetTemple Games (David Edwin Meyers)
  • Website:
  • #BullBros
  • Email:
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Sprint endlessly through over 25,000 dynamically generated China Shop levels as you wreak havoc among the precious porcelain, crystal, and Faberge eggs. Along the way, expect a few discoveries based on your strategy and heat-mapped trail of destruction.


  • Title: Ricelords
  • Platforms: PC, Steam
  • Release Date: First Quarter, 2020
  • Developer: NetTemple Games (David Edwin Meyers)
  • Website:
  • Email:

Ricelords is a hyper-casual 8-bit clicker game in which players click to plant, grow and harvest rice. The more clicks, the greater the bounty. But more clicks also introduce jealousy and greed as rival goons attempt to infiltrate and burn your fields and destroy your people’s spirit. Ricelords’ core is based on society morals, the foundations of capitalism and one’s obligations to others. You, as the emperor must manage and defend your population. You must use your wealth to feed and build infrastructure to keep your empire happy and prevent revolution.