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. Creative Direction

. Technical Development

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We are NetTemple, a virtual network of Interaction Design and Internet Development professionals. Lead by David Edwin Meyers, we strive to provide you simple and elegant soultions to complex problems relating to virtual environments, devices, services and systems. If your project calls for simplicity, clarity and elegance contact us today.

NetTemple has designed and implemented Web sites and interaction solutions since the inception of the Internet. Services Include:

Interaction Design:
User Profile and Persona Development, Information Architecture, Wire Framing, Story Boarding, Prototype Development, Competitive Analysis, Complete User Experience Design, Agile Development Workflow, and more...

Creative Direction:
User Interface Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, Brand Identity, Data Visualization, Style Guide Development, Conceptual Illustration, and more...

Software, Programming & Scripting:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Action Script, After Effects, InDesign, OmniGraffel, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, PHP, ASP, SQL, and more...



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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Interactive CD and Visual Design


Interactive Instructional Application

Wood Diary

Wood Diary
Cinematic Experience


Content Management System (CMS)

We are passionate about making complex systems usable with highly structured IA, intuitive UI design and high-fidelity visualization methods. Our strength is in our polish. We not only architect user experiences, we apply a high level of aesthetic, driven by appropraite research, rationale, logic and targeted intellect.

We have developed solutions for:
+ Paul McCartney
+ Grand Ole Opry
+ Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
+ Live Aid
+ Hewlett Packard
+ Spalding Sports
+ Escalade Sports
+ Stiga Sports
+ Realtree
+ Mead Johnson Nutritionals
+ Bayer
+ Bristol Myers Squibb
+ Eli Lilly and Company

Paul McCartney, MPL Communications


NetTemple was contracted by Redline mEdia to provide creative direction and visual design for the Paul McCartney and MPL Communications' Website and interactive CD-ROM. A series of over one hundred screens of digital comps and illustrations were produced from wireframes provided by the Redline Media interaction staff.

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Whirlpool/Kenmore Instructional Application


NetTemple devised an interactive application for Whirlpool/Kenmore. The interactive application presented all features and benefits of their new microwave technology, informed consumers on proper care and cleaning, provided instructional support and even included a series of interaction step-by-step recipes. The application was packaged and shipped with all microwaves, as well as accessible via a Web download.

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Wood Diary, A Cinematic Experience


Wood Diary, a short film by David Edwin Meyers. A quest to create a complete cinematic experience. In addition to the script and film - identity, posters, press kits, a Web presence, apparel, a gallery show of fine art paintings and photography, and more were conceived from the ground up. Wood Diary was a tremendous success, appearing in over fifty film festivals around the world and winning several top awards.

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ZenBinder™ Content Management System


ZenBinder™ is a full service CMS (Content Management System) and Web aggregation tool. ZenBinder's strength is in it's ease-of-use and versatile "skinning" capabilities. By creating four personalized graphic files, users can replicate virtually any visual design concept. The flexible interface accepts any type of video, image and interactive object code from leading sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, Animoto, Slide Rocket and more.

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